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About NEOS Clinic

NEOS is a medically led Aesthetic Clinic specialised in non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments and Skin Rejuvenation techniques.
We use only the highest quality products to guarantee our patients the best results.

We are based in Central Ipswich, Suffolk, in a very discreet location with public parking facilities and within easy access from other areas like Felixstowe, Woodbridge or Hadleigh.

Our name has been inspired by the old greek word “Neos” which means “Young, New, Fresh”, and this is the way we want our patients to feel: “Younger, with a Fresh New look, but always looking natural”


Neos is run by DR CRISTINA PEREA, who specialises in Cosmetic Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics with over 15 years of experience.
By being a Dental Surgeon our patients benefit from the professional skills and experience you can only find from someone who has specialised in the structure of the face:
  • She has an intricate knowledge of the Face Anatomy, which is crucial to perform Facial Aesthetic Treatments.
  • She is an expert in the use of needles, as she injects patients every day, which makes the experience more pleasant for the patient giving them confidence and reducing any discomfort.
  • Her knowledge in Orthodontics gives her an exceptional vision for Facial Aesthetics, she understands the perfect proportions of the face, achieving excellent results and improving patients profiles.
  • As a Dental Surgeon she is a medically trained professional, which guarantees the best care possible.
  • We are members of Save Face, as we believe in the highest level of clinical excellence especially when it comes to patient safety and results. Save Face is an organisation of practitioners that are all regulated healthcare professionals who meet best practice standards.
At Neos, we believe that everyone is different, that’s why we offer our patients a FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION, where we listen to your concerns about the way you look so we can personalise a treatment plan to suit your needs.
We want to give our patients the perfect journey from the very beginning until you finish your treatment, your aftercare is of the highest importance to us. For this reason, we offer FREE REVIEW APPOINTMENTS after every treatments performed.
For many patients, DISCRETION is very important, that’s why our location is perfect. Neos Clinic has parking facility just at the doorstep, this gives our patients the discretion they need as it only takes seconds to leave the clinic and get into the car to go home.
For all the above reasons, Neos Clinic is the best place to go for the best Care and Aesthetics results.


Dr Cristina Perea is a Cosmetic Dentist with over 15 years of experience, she is the founder and Medical Director of Neos Clinic. Since she moved to the UK she has been working as an NHS and Private dentist performing not just general dental treatments but also Implantology, Orthodontic, and Cosmetic treatments.
Dr Perea qualified as a Dental Surgeon from Sevilla University (Spain) in 2005. She always showed interest in Cosmetic Dentistry so, when she finished her degree she started her postgraduate studies in Orthodontics for 3 years. In 2010 she went to Boston (USA) to start her studies in Implantology, which she complemented with Diplomas in La Havana University (Cuba) and Sevilla University (Spain). 
It was in this last course about Facial Anatomy for Implantology when she discovered Facial Aesthetics, and since then she’s been passionate about it and has been highly trained by the best professionals in the field. Dr Perea’s approach to her patients allows her to individually tailor treatments. By using her technical skills she can get you the results you desire that are completely natural looking.

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