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I have visited Dr Cristina Perea as I had ongoing skin problems such as Adult Acne and Enlarged pores. From the very first consultation Dr Perea was very friendly and caring. Her professional manners and knowledge put me at ease and gained my trust. After a long chat, nice cup of coffee and a examination of my skin, she recommended a line of treatments specifically tailored to my skin type and my needs. My skin has improved dramatically over the last few months and i cannot express myself well enough how happy and grateful I am. I would recommend Dr Cristina Perea to all my family and friends.”

Victoria Balls


I´m totally grateful to Neos Clinic, and specially to Dr Cristina Perea, who made me smile again. She is very professional and uses the best procedures in the market. Neos Clinic takes care of the patients before, during and after the treatment. A real pleasure to have Neos Clinic on Hand.”

Silvia F


This was my first Botox experience and I´m so happy I did this!. I got injections in my forehead and crow´s feet. It took about 4-5 days for the product to fully settle in. Dr Perea was reasonable quick and did a perfect job. I stillhave a great facial expression, but no more wrinkles. So far so good, I look great for my age!”

A. Rodwell


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